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Speaker of The Applications of Smart Facility Upgrade and Transformation

Kelvin Ho

General Manager

YU-CHEN SYSTEM Technology Corp.


    ​Chinese Culture University – Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


    YU-CHEN SYSTEM Technology Corp. – General Manager

Speech Title and Abstract

eMAP Factory Integration Platform

    In response to the complex information between the various departments of the semiconductor factory, through the database integration of information, the information required by each department is connected, and converted into intuitive interface operation, easy control of the operation of the factory.

    The seminar will explore the key functions of the "eMAP Factory Integration Platform" and explain how to apply and solve the problems currently encountered by semiconductor factories.

    Collaborative entry integration: Integrate multiple enterprise systems into a single platform through the entry menu.

    Operation and maintenance linkage: Provides multiple data linkage settings to ensure system data consistency.

    Functional module flexibility: Provide a variety of management systems, and can freely choose applications according to demand.

    Multi-platform connection:Connect internal enterprise systems to replace a lot of manual work to reduce error rates.
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