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Speaker of A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facility

楊勝崎, Shirky Yang




    Ph.D., Dept. of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


    2021-2023, CEO, MIKVAH Co., Ltd.
    2017-2020, Associate Research Fellow, National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan.
    2017, DAYU Cyber-Physical System technology transfer to Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd.
    2017, Smart Water Hazard Mitigation at Central Taiwan Science Park, Risk Management Awards, Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry.

Speech Title and Abstract

Apply Micro Hydropower Generator to High-Tech Facility

    As the emphasis on achieving net-zero emissions grows, high-tech factories are becoming green electricity producers by introducing renewable energy systems. However, the installation of solar energy systems is facing challenges due to the lack of available space. A proposed alternative is micro-hydropower, which can operate constantly as long as water is available, enhancing power supply reliability and producing six to eight times the annual output of solar energy.
    Integrating a micro-hydropower system into high-tech factories can be simple:

    1. A micro-hydropower system can be installed on existing water supply pipelines. Through a Y-shaped design, the power generation function can operate independently, preserving the pipeline's original purpose.
    2. The construction process is fast, typically taking no more than seven days, and it does not interrupt the factory's operations.
    3. Installation can proceed with the user's approval.

    In conclusion, micro-hydropower is a promising green energy solution that should be considered in your net-zero strategy.
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