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Speakers of HTF International Forum 2022

陳惠平 (Hui-Ping, Chen)

Director Facility



M.S., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


2000.8~now, Innolux Corporation Facility Dept.
(2011~2014), Inx overseas Ningbo Company Facility Dept.
1992.8~2000.7, CTCI Corporation Instrument Dept.

Topic & Abstract


The Digital Transformation of Facility in INX


Innolux actively apply the idea of Industry 4.0 to reflect operational efficiency and evolution
through smart manufacturing and operations. The strategy of digital transformation is to
implement automation, digitization, and intelligence step by step to achieve Innolux's unique
XYZ digital transformation strategy. Under the guidance of the transformation strategy,
Innolux facility uses its own technology, expertise and cross-departmental cooperation to
establish an e-management platform for factory operations, and introduces several
intelligent solutions to achieve the goal of digital transformation of factory . Safety, quality,
efficiency and reduce the cost to realize smart factory.

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