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A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facility

Theme:            A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facilities​

Time:               Friday, April 19, 2024, 8:30~16:00

Venue:             Conference Room 101, Administration Building, Central Taiwan Science Park

Organizer:       Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association​

Co-Organizer:  Central Taiwan Science Park

​                        NCHU College of Engineering
                        NTU Civil Engineering Department High-Tech Facility Research Center

                        NTU Sustainable Development  and Technology Industry Division of WCDR Center

About the Workshop

With the changes in the ecological environment and the rapid rise of sea levels caused by global warming and extreme climate, the environmental conditions for human survival are under severe threat and challenge. In response, the United Nations Environment Programme has set a goal of near-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. Aligning with this global net-zero trend, on March 30, 2022, our country officially announced the "2050 Net Zero Emission Policy Pathway Blueprint." This plan includes four major transformation strategies: "Energy Transformation," "Industry Transformation," "Lifestyle Transformation," and "Social Transformation," along with two governance foundations: "Technological Research and Development" and "Climate Legislation." Supported by "Twelve Key Strategies," an action plan is formulated to achieve the net-zero transformation goal.  Therefore, how high-tech facilities develop and implement this net-zero emission policy is particularly crucial.


  This seminar focuses on topics related to specific solutions for achieving net-zero emission and reducing pollution in high-tech factory facilities, including "Energy-saving Technologies for Factory Facilities," "Low-carbon Construction," "Power Systems and Energy Storage," "Green Technology," "Circular Economy Technologies and Material Innovation," "Renewable Energy," "Heat Recovery," "Waste Treatment and Recycling Technologies," and other related technologies. We welcome those interested in the aforementioned topics to actively register and submit contributions. Thank you for your support and participation.


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