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Workshop of ​Net-Zero Solutions for High-Tech Facility

Time:                      Friday, March 31, 2023, 8:30~16:25

Venue:                   Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration, 1F Auditorium

Organizer:          Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association

​Co-Organizer:  Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau of the National Science and Technology Council

                                   Green Roadways and Infrastructure Center, NCKU

                                   High-Tech Facility Research Center, NTU

                                   Center for Weather and Climate Disaster Research, NTU

President of Workshop: BS Su (ASE)​

Presidium: Allen Lee (Innolux), Eddy Hung (TSMC). SJ Shu (UMC), Ming-Chun, Lu (Winbond)

About the Workshop

In the context of the global fight against climate change, it has become a trend to promote carbon reduction and energy transformation to improve the efficiency of resource use. Taiwan, which relies heavily on imports of energy resources, faces more severe challenges than other countries and needs to catch up.


The National Council for Sustainable Development proposed a 2050 net-zero emissions roadmap last year, and the Legislative Yuan passed the “Climate Change Adaptation Act” on January 10 this year, making it one of the few Asian countries to incorporate 2050 net-zero emissions into the law and implement carbon pricing s country. Therefore, more attention has been paid to how high-tech factories can strengthen their efforts to reduce carbon in this wave of carbon reduction.

The Workshop of ​Net-Zero Solutions for High-Tech Facility focuses on specific solutions for net-zero carbon reduction in high-tech factories, including "energy-saving technology for factory facilities", "low-carbon buildings", "smart grid", "green energy technology", " Circular economy technology and material innovation", "renewable energy", "heat energy recovery" and other energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies. We are looking forward to your participation.


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