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Academic  R&D  Units

Representative 1
Representative 2
Center for Clean Technology Research, National Taipei University of Technology
Shin-Cheng Hu, Chair Professor
Ying-Chun Chen, Doctor
Department of Civil Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
T.K. LIN, Professor
Wei-Chih Wang, Professor
High-Tech Facility Research Center, National Taiwan University
Luh-Maan Chang, Principal Investigator
Je-Chian Lin, Professor
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Jwu-Sheng Hu, Executive Vice President
National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering
Chung-Che Chou, Director General
Chiun-Lin Wu, Deputy Director General
National Central University, Graduate Inst. of Constr. Eng. And Mgmt.
Ting-Ya Hsieh, Professor
J.H.Chen, Professor
National Cheng Kung University, Civil Engineering Dept.
J.H. Wu, Bursar
Hsing-Dao Chang, Professor
National Taiwan University, Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
Yu-Chen Ou, Director
Research Center for Building Information Integration and Modeling
I-Chen Wu, Professor
Chi-Chang Liu, Researcher
Terry Tsao, Global Chief Marketing Officer and President of Taiwan
Jo-ann Su, Sr.Director
Taiwan Contruction Research Institute
L.J. Lu, Director
Li-Ping Hsu, Deputy Director
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