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Representative 1
Representative 2
AUO, 友達
Chris Liao, Director
Tzlin Ou, Deputy Manager
ASE, 日月光
BS Su, Director
April Liu, Supervisory Engineer
VIS, 世界先進
DS Wang , Director
JT Huang, Department Manager
TSMC, 台積電
Eddy Hung, Deputy Director
Tim Cheng, Manager
Micron, 美光
Gina Shaw, Director
CK Tang, Engineer
MXIC, 旺宏
YCB Huang, Director
Taylor Shih, Deputy Director
NTC, 南亞科
Jeffrey Jeng, Deputy Director
Robert Lee, Senior Program Manager
UMC, 聯電
S.J. Shu, Director
Minfa Lin, Manager
Winbond, 華邦電子
MING-CHUN LU, Technology Executive
Innolux, 群創
Allen Lee, General Director
Nienshi Hsu, Manager
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