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Workshop of ​Precision Technology for High-Tech Facilities

Time:            Friday, June 16, 2023, 08:30~16:40

Venue:         GIS HSP Convention Center, 2F Einstein Chamber

Organizer:   Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association

Co-Organizer:   Hsinchu Science Park Administration

                      Department of Civil Engineering, NYCU

                    High-Tech Facility Research Center, NTU

                    Center for Weather and Climate Disaster Research, NTU

President of Workshop: YCB Huang (Macronix)​

Presidium: Jeffrey Jeng (Nanya), Alex Wang (VIS), Leo Wang (Tricorntech)

About the Workshop

The "World Natural Disaster Hotspots and Risk Analysis Report" points out that Taiwan is exposed to three or more disaster risks at the same time, ranking first in the world. Therefore, in the pursuit of advanced manufacturing processes, high-tech factories in Taiwan must continuously improve the reliability of their facilities and provide a more efficient production environment.

Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association will hold a Precision Technology Symposium for High-Tech Facilities on June 16, 2023. Precision technology experts in micro-vibration, shock absorption, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated material handling systems (AMHS), and measurement analysis instruments will be invited to share innovative technologies and practical experiences. We sincerely welcome participation from plant management, factory equipment, and interdisciplinary experts to join us and actively register. Thank you for your participation.


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