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High-Tech Facility International Forum 2023


To Apply AI to substantiate
effective implementation
of ESG in High-Tech Fab

Sep. 7, 2023, TaiNEX 2, Taipei

source: WIX media

With increasing attention and demand for global climate change and corporate social responsibility, especially after the disruption caused by COVID-19 to the industry, the high-tech industry needs to prioritize and focus on the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) issues of sustainable development. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the effectiveness of implementing ESG for high-tech facility infrastructure has become a crucial topic.


The theme of the coming international forum is how to "Apply AI for Substantiating the Effective Implementation of ESG in a High-Tech Fab." The subjects include, not limited to,  "Energy saving and carbon reduction", "water & Power resource management," "waste recycling," "Corporate Governance," "intelligent fab," "facility environmental protection and safety," "Strategies for Cyber Security and Disinformation." 


If you are interested in the aforementioned subjects, you are most welcome to register and actively participate in the forum. Thank you for your engagement.


​高     科     技     廠    房     數    位     轉     型

High-Tech Facility International Forum 2023

Time:  Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023
Rm. EF, Skylight Convention Center, 7F ,TaiNEX2
Organizer: Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association
NTU College of Engineering, Yen Tjing Ling Industrial Research Institute
                       NTU Civil Engineering Department High-Tech Facility Research Center

                       NTU Sustainable Development  and Technology Industry Division of WCDR Center

President: Scott Lin / Honorary President: Chin-Yung ShuArthur Chuang
Executive Directors: S.J. ShuEddy HungGina ShawLeo Wang
Executive Supervisors: Fortran Lin

Theme: To Apply AI to substantiate effective implementation of ESG in High-Tech Fab

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