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The General Manager of Hermes-Epitek, CY Shu (許金榮), the Sr. Director of TSMC, Arthur Chuang (莊子壽), and the Director of NTU High-Tech Facility Research Center, Prof. Luh-Maan Chang (張陸滿) have severally accumulated different experiences in the field of academia and industry for many years. They perceived the predicament of Taiwan's industry that most facilities and materials for semiconductor process extremely depend on importation, and there is no related industrial alliance in Taiwan to specifically address the common interests for enhancing the planning, design, construction, commissioning, technology operation and maintenance for the high-tech fabrication. Taiwan really needs an organization to integrate and effectively use of resources to enhance the crucial techniques for high-tech fab facilities in Taiwan and to promote the industrial competitiveness.

As SEMI Taiwan lacks such committee related to fab facility, our organization with this vision acquired the support from the Vice Chairman of TSMC, F.C. Tseng (曾繁城), the Chairman of Macronix, Miin Wu (吳敏求),  the Chairman of Champion Consulting Group, Ting-Hua Hu (胡定華), the Chairman of Hermes-Epitek, Archie Hwang (黃民奇), Prof. Chin-Tay, Shih (史欽泰) of the College of Technology Management, NTHU, the Chairman of Industrial Technology Research Institute, Jyuo-Min Shyu (徐爵民), the CEO of VisEra Technology,   J. J. Lin (林俊吉), the Sr. Director of UMC, C.Y. Kao (高慶揚), and the consent from SEMI's executive, SEMI Global Director Sue Lin (林淑玲), and the President of SEMI Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Terry Tsao (曹世綸); meanwhile, the former Chairman of UMC, Robert Tsao (曹興誠) teams up with us as well, the committee becomes one of the branches of SEMI. In the first place, the committee had convened members for six months, and it received enthusiastic responses and successfully organized SEMI Taiwan High-Tech Facility Committee. 

Therefore, the High-Tech Facility Committee was officially founded on Oct. 3, 2013. The participants at the committee inauguration celebration added up to 45 wafer foundries, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and material suppliers, construction engineering and academic research units in total, and 64 representatives of different companies.

The enhancement of semiconductor high-tech fab design-build construction ability is crucial for future development and competitiveness of high-tech industries. As a significant global electronics manufacturing hub, Taiwan has led global high-tech industries for many years and needs to upgrade the techniques of high-tech fab design to enhance international competitiveness and sustainable strength, and reinforces the foundation for its follow-up research and development.

SEMI Taiwan High-Tech Facility Committee is the first committee related to fab system technology of SEMI in the world. The committee hopes to actuate the collaboration among the academia, SEMI and internal High-tech manufacturers, architects, design consultants, constructors, facilities operation and maintenance experts to accelerate the ability of Taiwan’s manufacturers. The committee will keep assisting Taiwan's manufacturers to participate in the international technical standards, and to promote the development of Taiwan’s high-tech industries and to sustain leading position in the global high-tech industry.

In order to continuously and diversely advance the high-tech facility technology in the future, with the blessing of SEMI Taiwan, the core members of the SEMI Taiwan High-Tech Facility Committee jointly applied for the establishment of "Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association" in the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan. Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association successfully held Inauguration Celebration at Hsinchu Taiwan on December 17, 2021. Up to late July, 2022, there are 104 group members. 


The purpose of the Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association is to become a preeminent global association that continuously improves the crucial technologies of Taiwan High-Tech Facilities. It will integrate  Taiwan's domestic and foreign high-tech facilities resources, strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan's high-tech facilities industry, enhance the development of key technologies of high-tech facilities through industry-academia cooperation, promote industrial technical standards, and further assist Taiwan's high-tech industries to build the most competitive fab facilities. The goals and tasks of the association include 1. Integrate the relevant resources of Taiwan's domestic and foreign plant facilities. 2. Strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan's high-tech industries. 3. Promote the improvement of key technologies of plant facilities through mutual cooperation. 4. The formulation of the standards for the enhancement of fab facilities.

To check past events, please visit the High-Tech Facility Committee website:

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