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Speakers of HTF International Forum 2022

趙涵捷 (Han-Chieh, Chao)


National Dong Hwa University


Ph.D. School of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University


Present Position

President of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU)

Chairman of IICM

Chairman of Taiwan Purdue Alumni Association

Director of College Entrance Examination Center

Consultant of the Expert Resource Database, Ministry Justice


President of National Ilan University (NIU)

Director of Computer Center of Ministry of Education

Consultant of Ministry of Education

Chairman of ISOC Taipei Chapter

Chairman of CSROC

Director of Taiwan Network Information Center

Chair Professor of National Ilan University (NIU)

Joint appointed Full Professor of the Department Computer Science & Information Engineering and Electronic Engineering, NIU

Dean of College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, NIU

Director of Library and Information Center, NIU

Director of Electrical Engineering, NDHU

Director of Library and Information Center, NDHU

Honors and Awards​

2017 South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation, SEARCC ICT Researcher of the year

2016 The US President's Lifetime Achievement Award

International Albert Schweitzer Foundation Human Contribution Award

2010~2013 Editor-in-Chief, IET Communications

2012~ Technical Editor, IEEE Network

2011~ Associate Editor, IEEE System Journal

2006 Fellow, IET Communications, UK

2004 Senior Member, IEEE Senior Member

Fellow, The British Computer Society (BCS)

Professional Activities


Mobile Computing

Cross-Layer Design

Cloud Computing

Internet of Thing (IoT)

Quantum Computing​

Topic & Abstract


The Insight of the Opportunity for Digital Transformation


In recent years, with the rapid development of multimedia, Internet of Things, mobile communication
and other technologies, in order to maintain competitiveness and better development prospects, digital
transformation has become one of the development strategies considered by major enterprises and companies.
Although plenty of organizations have already familiar with the term, but still full of confusion about how to do it, this talk will outline what exactly digital transformation is? Share the importance of digital transformation through some successful cases, and start from the perspective of technology. By applying the big data analysis, we can take the lead in the digital transformation for research and development.

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