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張智能 Chih-Neng Chang

Department Manager



Master degree of mechanical engineering


· 2010~2018 Deputy Convener of Science Park Industry Association
· 2012 Water Resources Contributor, Ministry of Economic Affairs
· 2013 Outstanding Contribution Award for Water Conservancy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
· 2013 Sustainable Enterprise Award, Sustainable Development Award, Executive Yuan
· 2014 First Prize, Corporate Social Responsibility Award, Global Views Monthly

Brief Bio
Chih-Neng Chang, the manager of the department, has a degree of education from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University and the EMBA of National Taiwan University. Experience is currently the manager of the first factory affairs department of TSMC, experienced F5, F6, F10, WaferTech, SSMC, F12P1/2 new construction and installation projects, and served as the manager of F3, F5, F8, F12P12, currently owns Taiwan, China, A total of six patents in the United States. The professional field is the design, construction and operation management of semiconductor manufacturing plants. He is responsible for two important ESG projects of TSMC energy conservation improvement and air pollution management. His favorite activities outside of work are extensive reading and pursuit of new technologies. Contribution to TSMC's ESG innovation!

Speech Title and Abstract

AI Enhances ESG Performance of High-tech Facility

TSMC AI planning and development
· Implementing AI to continuously break through ESG technological challenges
· Image detection and recognition by deep learning to improve job site safety

TSMC's ESG applications using AI
· AI chiller water energy-saving system : using machine learning neural algorithms to establish the lowest energy consumption prediction model and import it into the chiller water plant’s control system
· AI model enhances reliability of rotating equipment : establishing prediction ability for abnormal patterns’ detection
· Motion Smart Eagle Eye Guarding Job Site Safety : using mobile AI camera to detect, recognize, and stop unsafe activity
· AI Patrol Automated Guided Vehicle : Equips AGV with Motion Smart Eagle Eye’s AI camera to patrol any concern inside cleanroom

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