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Moderator of The Applications of Smart Facility Upgrade and Transformation

Ing-Sheng Tsay


Department of Renewable Energy,
Taiwan Power Company


    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taiwan

    Master's degree in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taiwan

    Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan


    Corporate Director of Penghu Green Energy Company

    Corporate Director of Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation

    Executive Director of Taiwan Wind Turbine Industry Association

    Director of Taiwan Wind Energy Association

    Director of Chinese Taipei Society for Trenchless Technology

    Director of Taiwan Electrical Contractors Association

    New Energy Convener of Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Energy Commission

    TPC, New Businese Development Office - Director

    TPC, Chairman Office - Special Assistant

    TPC, Department of Transmission Line and Substation Projects -
    Head of Engineering Management section
    Head of Information and Operation Management section
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