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Speaker of The Applications of Smart Facility Upgrade and Transformation

Kevin Su

General Manager

ADAT Technology


    Master's in Aerospace Engineering, National Cheng Kung University


    GM, ADAT general Manager (2017~ present)

    CEO, Taiwan wisdom AI consulting (2013~present)

    ASML Global training center manager (2007~2013)

    ASML tech support manager (2003~2007)

    Primary inventor of 33 global AI/MR/Navigation new/innovative patents.

Speech Title and Abstract

AI/AR App Editing Platform ADB
Smart Factory - Rapid Deployment Solutions for Plant Management, Operations, and Quality Maintenance

    In the process of digital transformation, AI/AR apps play a crucial role by serving as a one-stop, no-code platform that accelerates digital deployment, reduces costs, and minimizes resistance during the transformation. The future practical aspects of hardware and software planning and implementation will be elaborated upon in detail. It is believed that this platform tool can effectively sustain the powerful momentum of intelligent transformation.

    Pain Points in the Industry During Digital Transformation: Presenting the rationale behind the development of ADB

    Introduction to the AI/AR App Editing Platform ADB: Explaining the one-stop, no-code editing method that allows domain experts to easily build applications for quick deployment.

    Explanation of AI/AR ADB Application Scenarios: Providing an overview of how hardware and software are integrated and utilized

    Introduction to Mainstream Features Applied in the Industry: Overview of various features with accompanying video explanations
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