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Speaker of A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facility

李昱慶, Andrew Lee


Sales, Ampower Machine International Enterprise Co,. Ltd.


    National Tsing Hua University Power Mechanical Engineering Electrical Control Department


    Tainan Hydrogen CHP Project, Tung Sugar Biogas CHP Project, Taoyuan Biogas CHP Project, YFY Guishan Waste Water Treatment Biogas CHP Project, Changhua Farm Love Cow Farm Biogas CHP Project, Nangang Global One Natural Gas Project, PSMC P5, P1/2 UPSSI Project
    German Licensed Service Engineer: 2G L10 Maintenance Training
    Seminar Speaker: Kaosiung Sustainable Energy Exhibition, Taiwan Architectural Aesthetics Cultural Economics Association, Taichung Sustainable Service & Low Carbon Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning application Exhibition, Taichung Chin-Yi University of Technology Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Department

Speech Title and Abstract

High-Tech Factories - 4 Energy Strategies for Net Zero Carbon Emission

    Strategy I: SRS Waste to Energy – Value Enhancement of Industrial Silicon Waste

    Strategy II:MRS Waste to Energy – Effective Treatment of Industrial Concentrated Organic Waste

    Strategy III:Anerobic Waste to Energy – Energy Utilization of Industrial Organic Waste

    Strategy IV :Energy Peak Shaving – Anticipation for Hydrogen Era
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