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Speaker of A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facility

黃欣栩, Hsin-Hsu Huang

Technical Manager

Green Manufacturing Department, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacture Company, Ltd


    Ph. D., Dept. of Environmental Engineering, National Central


    Section Chief, Environment Engineering Research Center, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Inc.
    Water Specialist, Municipal and Environment Infrastructure, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development

Speech Title and Abstract

Net zero roadmap and technology innovation

    Net zero roadmap
    TSMC has drawn Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions, targets include zero- growth and gradual reduction in carbon emissions starting 2025, reducing 2020 carbon emission to 2020 levels, and reaching net zero emissions by 2050. 4 key approaches include GHGs reduction, energy saving, renewable energy, and carbon offset.
    Energy saving technology innovation
    TSMC has defined five energy conversion teams to explore energy saving opportunities in facility equipment and manufacturing tools. TSMC integrated energy-saving measures across facilities for horizontal roll out, which will become standard designs for new facilities. Additionally, TSMC is the first semiconductor company to launch energy-saving programs for next- generation semiconductor fab tools.
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