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Speaker of A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facility

蘇政隆. Jason Su


ECOVE Solvent Recycling Corporation


    Master of Environmental Engineering, National Chung Hsing University


    2018.05~ ECOVE SRC President
    2018.05~2024.02 ECOVE WMC Vice President
    2018.01~2018.04 ECOVE ESC Senior Manager
    2015.07~2017.12 SINOGAL President

Speech Title and Abstract

Towards sustainability and net-zero-waste solvent recycling and application technology

    Under the global sustainability trend, in addition to circular economy such as design, raw material selection and waste reduction, the use of green and low-carbon technologies to convert waste into resource and waste to energy have become popular. Due to the diversified properties of waste, appropriate recycling technologies need to be selected based on their properties and achieve optimal operation through technology integration and parameter adjustment. Taking the material flow as an example, waste isopropyl alcohol can be recycled through the integration of distillation, rectification, membrane and other technologies. Waste isopropyl alcohol can be remade into industrial-grade products and sale to the market for reuse to achieve circular economy and net zero target
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