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Speakers of HTF International Forum 2022

李達生 (Da-Sheng, Lee)

​Distinguished Professor



Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University


Dean, Industrial-Academic Collaboration Office, National Taipei University of Technology

Director,Taiwan Startup Institute, MOST, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Director, Taiwan Startup Hub, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Director, Energy Technology Research Center of National Taipei University of Technology Associate Researcher, Energy & Resources Laboratories, ITRI

Topic & Abstract


​Digital Transformation of High Tech Fab Construction & Building: Methodology and effectiveness evaluation


Digital Transformation is the process of introducing digital technology to enable high commercial value transformation. For semiconductor manufacturing to achieve digital transformation, we believe that the concept of digital transformation should be introduced at the beginning of construction. This lecture mainly shares how to
apply artificial intelligence (AI) tools to manage project schedules at the beginning of the construction of High Tech Fab. After the facility is imported, AI can be further used for predictive maintenance and energy saving. In addition, AI can also be used to optimize management of renewable energy with energy storage devices.
The content of the lecture contains practical cases of cooperation with Yankey Engineering Company. Through the example, we can illustrate how digital transformation uses AI to reduce repetitive tasks, improve management efficiency, and achieve predictive capabilities. With AI, especially the novel model free predictive control, 53% of grid power and be reduced and the voltage sag can be suppressed up to 20% according to the simulation results.

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