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Speakers of HTF International Forum 2022

鍾年勉 (Nien-Mien, Chung)

​General Manager

TPRI Taiwan Power Company


Ph.D., Department of Nuclear Engineering, National Tsing Hua University


General Manager: Taiwan Power Research Institute

Deputy General Manager: Taiwan Power Research Institute

Director: Energy Research Laboratory, TPRI

Topic & Abstract


The Digitizing Business Practice of Taipower R&D Deployment​


Facing the challenges of low carbonization and energy transition, global power companies are feeling the urge to embrace digitalization and change business models. Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is not immune to this trend. This speech will share a brief idea about how we gain beneficial from digitized energy system under comprehensive R&D technical strategies thinking. Meanwhile, in order to achieve process optimization, improve grid reliability, and increase revenue, TPC has used different digital technologies embedded in the entire systems (generation, power grid, user-side and applications) to build a new type of smart electricity supply chain. The Smart Grid, which features decentralization, a two-way flow of electricity and data, and flexibility services, is a cutting edge of electricity supply chain. TPC will focus on development of digital EIoT (Energy Internet of Things), and technology foresight 2030 based on R&D deployment, tend to the ultimate goal of achieving a successful energy transition and a sustainable future.

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