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Mr. Chris Bailey

Vice President Emerging Technologies




1982 HND Mechanical Engineering, University of Hertfordshire, UK


2016 – now: hydrogen recycling system development
1999 – now: development of vacuum, abatement and related equipment for semiconductor processes.
1990 – 1999: Vacuum Pump development for semiconductor applications, Edwards
1987 – 1990: Optical Systems development, KeyMed
1985-1987: Diesel Fuel Injection development, Lucas CAV
1982 – 1985: Aircraft Instrumentation development, Negretti Aviation

Speech Title and Abstract

Paradigm Shift for SubFab Design Towards Sustainability

Semiconductors have evolved dramatically over 60+ years of the integrated circuit, such as multilayers and 3D devices have resulted in many changes to processes, process materials and process tools themselves.
However, the design of the fab and subfab and the architecture/ topology of the systems has not changed much during this time. The decisions that define today’s system architecture were made more than 30 years ago when point of use abatement was introduced.

With this, Edwards would like to introduce a holistic and sustainable approach to the design of the total system across process and facility, following the gas molecules from supply to the process chamber to the handling of by-products and unused chemistry which open up opportunities for improvements.

Edwards will explain some of the innovative & forward-looking options for alternative approaches to sub-fab system and equipment that can offer improvements in sustainability including reduced total energy, improved availability and reduced total cost of ownership. We would talk about examples like
Ex. 1. Shared vacuum pump across multiple chambers and backup strategy
Ex. 2. Recovering and recycling of waste processed metals & gas, ex. Ga/Ge/W/D2/H2
And we will explain the risk factors and potential mitigations including that. Working together with the industry, we could realize these benefits!

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