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Emon Zaman 

Senior Vice President 



Graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Calgary.


Prior to AVEVA, Emon was at Aspen Technology

Speech Title and Abstract

Unveiling Impact: Leveraging Data for AI-Driven Net Zero Transformation in Industries.

The pursuit of a net zero future has become a paramount goal for industrial players seeking to mitigate their environmental impact.

This presentation explores the pivotal role that data plays in empowering artificial intelligence (AI) to realize net zero ambitions within industrial sectors. By harnessing vast volumes of data generated throughout the value chain, AI technologies can drive transformative changes in energy efficiency, resource optimization, and emissions reduction. This abstract delves into the symbiotic relationship between data and AI, illustrating how data-driven insights facilitate informed decision-making, predictive modeling, and real-time adjustments. Moreover, it highlights the integration of IoT devices, sensor networks, and advanced data analytics as critical components of AI-enabled net zero strategies.

Through concrete examples and case studies, this abstract emphasizes the capacity of AI to revolutionize energy-intensive processes, enhance sustainability, and catalyze the transition toward a more ecologically balanced industrial landscape. Ultimately, this abstract underscores the indispensability of data-driven AI in propelling industrial players toward the achievement of their net zero aspirations.

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