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Takayuki Higuchi

Technical Manager

Denka Co., Ltd


Doctors degree in Material Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.


He has more than 20 years of experience for cement, concrete and construction chemicals, especially for the special cement additives for Concrete such as Tunnel Shotcrete, Quick hardening, High strength, Expansion and Waterproofing. He has more than 30 patents.

Speech Title and Abstract

Approach to CO2 Reduction in Concrete by Chemical Additives

New cement technology has been developed with CO2 absorption additive for carbon captured concrete (carbon sink). It reacts with CO2 during the Carbonation curing (negative carbon concrete), and it generate the Calcium carbonate and Silica-gel substance, which in term contributes the CO2 fixation & dense matrix formation with sound structural strength.
In addition, special cement technology enables the extensive increase use of Supplementary Cementitious Material which reduces CO2 greatly while satisfying early strength requirement and increase productivity of precast concrete without stream curing.
Shrinkage compensation additives could also restrain crack in concrete by reducing internal tensile stress with chemical pre-stress mechanism, which could much prolong the service life of concrete structures, lessen joint curls, increase panel and span size, and better withstand earthquake loading, water pressure, and lessen corrosion of reinforcement bar.

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