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Speaker of A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facility

陳騰瑞, Pete Chen

Business Development Manager

sales, ebm-papst


    Master degree, dept. of aerospace engineering,
    Tamkang university


    Sales manager, EMT, Chicony power
    RD manager, Maxforce
    RD manager, TECO

Speech Title and Abstract

Energy-Efficient EC FanGrid Solutions for Air Handling Units and Cooling Towers

    EC fans, when configured in parallel, form an EC FanGrid system that is extensively utilized in applications such as air handling units and cooling towers. The benefits of this technology include:
    Significant energy savings: Compared to traditional fan systems, EC FanGrids offer an energy savings range of 30%-70%.
    Digitalization of equipment: Real-time data monitoring allows for complete control
    over the operational status of the equipment.
    Parallel operation of multiple fans: This substantially reduces the risk of equipment downtime.
    Lower maintenance costs and time: similar to the FFU in clean rooms, it greatly
    reduces maintenance expenses and operational downtime.
    We will elaborate on the principles and real-world case studies through an upcoming presentation.
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