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Speaker of A Net-Zero Future for High-Tech Facility

張詔斌(Peter Chang)


GBU, SOLOMON Technology Corporation


    Master of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Culture


    *VES Energy Recovery Taiwan Vice President , Business
    Development and Support
    *CLEANAWAY ENERGY SERVICES Vice President, Business
    Development and Support
    *Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center (TERTEC), Senior
    Engineer, Project Development and Support

Speech Title and Abstract

High-Tech Factory: Waste Heat Recovery and Low-Carbon Power Generation Solutions

    Manufacturers worldwide need advanced solutions to achieve energy efficiency, whether it is investing in R&D, adopting green technologies to improve carbon emission efficiency, ensuring its products comply with ESG requirements through market mechanisms and deliver market diversification. Manufacturers actively investing in low-carbon power generation solutions for high-tech factories, heat recovery system and relevant technology is primarily adopted to enhance energy efficiency.
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