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張冠甫(Kuan-Foo Chang)

Deputy division director

Div. of Water Technology

Industrial Technology Research Institute


Ph.D. Department of Environmental Engineering, National Chung Hsing University


●Deputy Division Director of Water Technology Research Div. MCL, ITRI
●13 patents

Speech Title and Abstract

Technologies and vision of low carbon operation and resource circulation for high-tech industry water / wastewater facility

Water and wastewater treatment processes are very important facilities in high-tech industry. These two processes involve the substantial use of chemicals such as HCl, NaOH, CaCl2 etc. and significant energy (electricity) for treatment. Currently, advancements in electrochemical processes, membrane separation, and anaerobic biological treatment technologies, driven by collaborative efforts between industry, government, and academia, have resulted in numerous successful cases. This presentation will elaborate on these technologies and propose an integrated approach to gradually attain the future goal of achieving carbon neutrality in water and wastewater facilities.

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